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Positioning your LCD TV and distance for best picture

How to position your LCD TV and the distance to sit for best picture?

Dependant on what screen size you choose and the size of your room the placement of your LCD television will vary. For a kitchen, bedroom or office you will probably be close to the LCD TV so a screen size of 19” to a 32” will be more then sufficient.  For the living room the majority of households will get the largest screen size possible dependant on their budget and size of room.

If you sit too close to a LCD Tv then you may be distracted by the tiny pixels which LCD Tv screens are made up of. Pixels are the tiny picture elements which make up the TV image. On the other hand if you sit too far from your LCD television then this can affect your viewing experience and the HDTV quality will be reduced.

Below is a graph which you can use as a guide for the viewing distance of your LCD TV


Screen size(") Viewing distance range(feet)
26 3.5 - 5.7
32 4.3 - 6.8
37 4.7 - 7.9
42 5.2 - 8.5
46 5.4 - 8.85
50 6.4 - 10.8
52 6.7 - 10.95
55 7.0 - 11.8
60 11.0 - 12

Viewing height

When placing your LCD television you will also need to consider the viewing height. The best way to figure out the viewing height is by sitting down in your normal viewing position, your eyes should be roughly level with the middle of the screen.

Light consideration

The lighting in your room is also a factor to consider as too much light can wash your picture and cause much reflection. If you do alot of television viewing in the day time then be sure to consider the light coming into your room. Lights within your room can also have an impact on the viewing experience and you will get a better picture quality when the lights are dimmed.

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