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JVC LCD TV: High quality at low price

This is a review written by a customer on JVC Lcd Tvs

I personally never believe in the notion that high price always yields better quality. In the consumer electronics market, it is more not true. There are so many rival companies who are trying to sell a certain product for which the bulk of people will resist good offers. Camera, cell phone, AC, vacuum cleaner, washing machine and so many other products are examples of such units. If I already have an AC or a washing machine, then why would I buy a new one if it does a little improvement over my old one?

LCD TVs are also a proud member of the above mentioned group. People are already so obsessed with their old CRT and thus resist a change in their living room. Manufacturers have been pouring money in the marketing section and R&D projects a lot but it took a long time to convince people about the superiority of the LCD TV. During this time, many other companies entered the arena to have a piece of the action. Now the LCD TV industry is in a hyper competition. During this time of demand, the companies are trying their best to catch fish.

Now the price comes into play. Is it really true that a product with a high price tag is ought to be better than a low price model? If you consider the same size LCD TVs then you will find many inconsistencies. Some are good with the price it comes along but some are unreasonably expensive.

My sister and her husband decided to buy JVC LCD TV for their bedroom. I paid them a visit last Sunday and was first shocked to see a JVC LCD. They pushed aside many other companies and went for a cheaper LCD panel in the market. That 37 inches model looked good, felt stylish and was showing great images. I tested some features with a couple of DVDs and I was quite happy with the result. They were very happy, much more than me with a winning smile on their face. The TV was good enough for them. While leaving, I also felt they picked a good choice according to their budget.

The point is, if you are not very fussy about the minute details of the picture of the LCD screen then why would you pay a fortune? You don’t need a 64 inches screen to have fun with it. Even with a low budget, you can find many great LCD TVs in the market. Other TVs may have a lot of “extra features” but those are not necessary for many average owners.

Why would a company like JVC sell their “good quality” TVs at such a low price? Answer: competition my friend. They are giving you an offer you can’t refuse! You can read average user reviews about the JVC TVs on the net. Pros are too fussy- many people would say. They still can give you a good advice.

I learnt about JVC LCD TV a lot after that. They haven’t compromised with their quality for price. You can get very good picture out of your TV now as they said in their website- “Resolution that Rivals Reality”. Whether such statement is true or not but I can say they can make a very good TV for your home or your company at a very good price.

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