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Digital camcorders-with HD or without?

Digital camcorders-with HD or without?

The benefit of buying a camcorder that supports Full HD is in the quality of the clip being recorded. Although the difference is only slight in comparison to another camcorder the picture quality is clearly visible.

As they say quality speaks for itself.

When recording in HD mode the file sizes that get saved are large and need a lot of disk space this is why the majority of HD camcorders will come with Blu-ray discs as apposed to dvd’s.

To view the quality of a HD recorded movie or clip from your camcorder there are 3 things that you will need

  1. HD Plasma or LCD
  2. Correct leads (HDMI-component video)
  3. HD Source ( being direct from your camcorder or from a blu-ray disk)

So you will need a LCD TV or Plasma TV that is HD ready or Full HD. The majority of HD camcorders will come with HDMI inputs which will allow you to connect the camcorder to the TV. You will be able to play the movie through the camcorders hard drive or the Blu-ray player which is built in the camcorder. Alternatively you could take the disk and put it in another player already connected to the TV.

The price difference between a HD camcorder and one without HD is certainly noticeable. Although prices are getting cheaper with more and more people buying them, you can still be looking in the region of £400+ for the cheaper ones. Have a look at the range available at Ravs Appliances-quality and cheap HD camcorders starting from £379.99

A camcorder without HD like the Hitachi hybrid DZ-HS500 is also a superb camera with great picture quality. As mentioned above the picture difference is very slight between the both and is barely visible to the average eye.

The decision is down to the individual to make. For the average consumer a camcorder without HD are the most popular and for the more advanced, technical and eye for detail kind of consumers a HD camera works a treat.

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