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Choosing a LCD, the difference between Full HD & HD ready

How to choose a LCD TV

With so many LCD TV’s in the market place and a massive variety to choose from it can be confusing choosing the right LCD for you.
Here are a few tips that should help you make the right choice when choosing your LCD TV

1). Find out what your budget is? And what picture quality you are willing to pay for

2). With so many models in the market offering different specifications the price can vary a lot. So be sure to figure out which room you are buying the LCD TV for. The general rule from house to house across the Uk is that the best TV will be placed in the living room with smaller LCD TV’s or LCD TV’s with lower specs being used around the house.

3).Once you know what your budget is and where you will be placing the LCD TV its time to have a look at the specifications along with the design and style. The main features to look for in a LCD TV are the picture quality and connectivity. You will get LCD TV’s that come HD ready and also come with Full HD. The difference between the 2 is the amount of pixels that are available. So you might have heard of the term 1080p and 720p.

Difference between Full HD and HD ready

The truth in the matter is that a 1080p LCD TV will give you the highest picture quality there is, however in order to get this picture quality that true HD 1080p can offer, you will need to have the right equipment that can support it. So what is this equipment that i talk about? To be honest there isn’t a lot of equipment out there that supports 1080p and when talking about screen resolution the average consumer doesn’t have the slightest idea what this means to them.

The difference between HD and full HD is barely noticeable to the average eye, if you ask me they both produce excellent quality images.
To benefit from full HD you will need these 3 things

  • HD Plasma or LCD
  • Correct leads (HDMI-component video)
  • HD Source ( HDTV Tuner, HD Satellite, HD Cable Box, Blu-Ray, HD DVD Player)

The decision is with you, Full HD or HD ready?


The connectivity that LCD’s provide are also very important. LCD’s support many connections which will allow you to connect all of your equipment to your TV.  Connectivity includes HDMI sockets, scart lead sockets, component video and many more. Please keep a look out for an up and coming article about connections and connectivity.

4).In general the majority of LCD TV’s provide more then enough functions and the average consumer will find that the majority of the specifications will never get used. However if you have much equipment that will need connecting to the LCD then go for one that provides many ways of connecting devices up. Normally found under the connectivity section of the LCD details.

The LCD TV’s that are available at Ravs Appliances all offer HD ready, integrated freeview and digital ready functions with more then enough connectivity to support basic to advanced configurements. Full HD ready models are also available and are noted under the specification sections.

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